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People, Planet & Design

At SkilledPeople we design and develop businesses, user experiences and digital solutions. Of course the people are the very essence. We are a collective of skilled designers, strategists, analysts and developers. Our focus is reinventing business by understanding people, using tech as a catalyst and applying the strategies of tomorrow. We help governmental agencies create the future citizens experience, we challenge industry giants to be the rebels they once were, and we make visionary start-ups grow.

– People and planet is the ambition of our work, it’s our why. 
– Design is what we do.
– Profit, well that’s just proof that our clients shares our way of life.



We create experiences for companies and brands, that help them excel their customers expectations. 



We design growth strategies, business models and value propositions, that help companies operate and grow.



We love technology. But for us, it fulfills no self-purpose. We use technology as a catalyst to deliver experiences and business value.